Privacy Policy

We consider the proper management of personal information as an important social norm and put one of the highest priorities of corporate activities on the protection of personal information. In order to ensure the protection of personal information, we have established the following privacy policy and strive to inform all of our executives, employees, and affiliates about the policy.

  1. Proper and appropriate acquisition, use, supply, and outsourcing of the handling of personal information
    We will state the purpose of acquiring personal information to customers and will obtain their permission to use the personal information for the stated purpose. We will not use the acquired personal information beyond the stated purpose and will handle the personal information properly and appropriately. We will not supply any personal information to third parties without the prior consent of the individual concerned, except as permitted by laws and regulations. Even when the prior consent of the individual concerned is obtained, we will only supply or outsource the handling of personal information to third parties who have established sound rules regarding the protection of personal information and who have signed a contract agreeing to comply with these rules and who will handle personal information correctly and appropriately.
  2. Establishment of measures to securely store and manage personal information
    We will establish measures as necessary to prevent unauthorized access, leakage, loss, or destruction of personal information and strictly implement such measures. We will also establish measures to take immediate action in emergency situations. We will establish specific rules for the proper and appropriate handling and use of personal information, assign a supervisor to ensure compliance with these rules, and educate all executives, employees, and affiliates so that they understand the importance of protecting personal information and will handle customers’ personal information properly.
  3. Compliance with laws and regulations regarding the proper handling of customers’ personal information
    We will handle personal information in compliance with all relevant laws, regulations, and guidelines, starting with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information of Japan.
  4. Continual review and improvement of management systems to protect personal information
    We will implement and operate management systems to ensure the continued and appropriate protection of personal information and will continually review and improve these systems.
  5. Inquiries regarding personal information
    We will comply with requests from individuals to disclose, correct, or delete their personal information. We are also willing to receive opinions and inquiries regarding the handling of such personal information.

Basic Policy on Antisocial Forces

  1. Organizational response
    We clearly stipulate the basis of our response to antisocial forces in our internal regulations, etc., and make organizational responses under the leadership of the management. In addition, we will ensure the safety of the employees who deal with antisocial forces.

  2. Collaborations with external specialist agencies
    We endeavor to establish ordinary and effective collaborative relationships with external specialist agencies such as the police, Center for Removal of Criminal Organizations, lawyers, etc.

  3. Rejection of all relationships including transactions
    We will reject having any relationship with antisocial forces, including all transactions.

  4. Legal countermeasures, both civil and criminal
    We will refuse to acquiesce to any unreasonable demands from antisocial forces and will resolutely pursue both civil and criminal legal actions as necessary.

  5. Prohibition of backroom deals and provision of funds
    We will never engage in backroom deals with antisocial forces nor provide funds to antisocial forces.